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2020-11-18 · NT WorkSafe recently issued a safety alert is to highlight the risks associated with the use of angle grinders after eight reported laceration incidents this year. A Darwin worker sustained a serious laceration to his arm, including damage to his artery while using a 5-inch angle grinder to cut bolts on a vessel. The grinder, which had its handle removed, kicked back …


2019-2-14 · RISK ASSESSMENT – Use of Grinders S = Severity Rating L = Likelyhood rity 2. Minor Injury RR = Risk Rating 1. Trivial 1. Unlikely occurrence 5 5 10 15 20 25 R Unacceptable risk, plan out or add further controls 2. Rare occurrence 4 8 12 16 20 O Acceptable only if no oth er method viable and with high level controls in place 3.

Grinder Safety Information

2020-10-26 · Safety Information Printed Matter No. 6159924710 Date: 2018-05 Issue No. 01 Grinder Valid from Serial No. 00001 - 99999 Model:CP3850-60AB9V CP3850-65AB9VECP3850-65AH9VE CP3850-77AB7VCP3850-85AB7V CP3850-85AB7VECP3850-85AH7VE WARNING To reduce risk of injury, everyone using, installing, repairing, main-

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Risk Assessments. Risk assessment is a term used to describe the overall process or method where you: Identify hazards and risk factors that have the potential to cause harm. Then Analyze and evaluate the risk associated with that hazard. Risk Assessment Procedure, Records and Blank Templates. Continues Risk Assessment.

Public register of convictions

Public register of convictions. This site gives details of prosecution cases pursued by the Health and Safety Executive, that resulted in successful convictions. To account for the appeals process and internal quality assurance, cases are published 9 weeks following conviction. Records of convictions of organisations are published on this ...

SWMS #8 Angle grinders Safe Work Method Statement

2018-11-7 · SWMS #8 Angle grinders Safe Work Method Statement ... A safety switch or residual current device (RCD) is ... been involved in the hazard/risk assessment and the determination of the hazard/risk controls applicable to their tasks, duties and responsibilities 2. had all hazards and risk controls have been communicated to them

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Angle Grinder. Angle grinders are used for metalwork and fabrication such as grinding down welds. They are also used in construction. They are commonly used in workshops, service garages, and auto body repair shops. Angle grinders can be dangerous due to the high rpm involved and the sparks and bits of metal that fly off as they cut.

Mines Safety Bulletin No. 136

2021-12-12 · Mines Safety Bulletin No. 136 Subject: Safe use of angle grinders Date: 03 November 2016 Background An angle grinder is a common power tool used on mine sites for cutting, grinding, sanding and polishing. The portability and versatility of angle grinders means they can be used for a variety of tasks, each with its own hazards.

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Risk assessment angle grinder. Home » Contractor Safety File » Risk assessment angle grinder.

Risk Assessment for Angle Grinder

 · I am in the process of writing a Risk Assessment for an angle grinder and would like to have some information to cross reference to. Areas considered so far are: Equipment inspection / suitability Wheel changing and correct use (cutting / grinding) PPE Vibration / Noise Securing the work piece Safety of others in the area Training Dust / dust ...


2016-3-2 · conducting an appropriate risk analysis and applying suitable controls to mitigate those additional risks. This instruction should be read in conjunction with the Risk Assessment procedure for a 9 Inch Grinder GENERAL SAFETY • Safety glasses, face mask, safety gloves and Hi-Vis Jacket must be worn at all times in work areas.

Angle Grinder Hazard Awareness Training ...

2020-12-29 · The objective behind Angle Grinder Safety awareness PPT is to appropriately and essentially communicate the hazards related to angle grinders and the controls that should be in place for all workers who involved using this Angle Grinder. ... QHSE Audit Reports (2) Rigging & Lifting (7) Risk Assessment (63) Safety Posters (3) Scaffold Safety (2 ...

Angle Grinder Risk Assessment

2018-4-6 · Overall Risk is calculated by multiplying the figure for Severity (S) and Likelihood (L). The overall risk figure calculated is related to the Risk Level of either Low: 1 to 3; Medium: 4 to 6 or High: 7 to 9 NB This is a generic risk assessment only. It is advisable to carry out a site-specific assessment prior to using this equipment.

Angle Grinder Safety

2018-12-7 · Angle Grinder Safety. What is an angle grinder? Angle grinders, also called side or disc grinders, are a handheld power tool used for cutting, grinding and polishing. They can be electric, gas powered, or pneumatic and come in a variety of sizes. Consider disc size, arbor size, motor power, power source and rpm in choosing the correct grinder ...

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2020-3-30 · Concrete grinding produces silica dust. If the dust is breathed in over a period of time, it can lead to a disease called silicosis or scarring of the lungs. This was such a common problem for grinder operators in years past that one of its common names was ''grinder''s asthma''.

Grinding (Hand Angle Grinder) Risk Assessment Template

2021-11-24 · Grinding (Hand Angle Grinder) Risk Assessment Template. Sale! £ 4.99 £ 2.99. This document template can be edited, and is provided for download in a Microsoft Word Document. Once downloaded you are free to edit, save, print and use the Risk Assessment template within your business for as long as you need it. Instant Activation.


2020-4-25 · The use of large angle grinders for cutting purposes should be avoided wherever possible. A large angle grinder may only be use for cutting purposes following the completion of form T-1559. 5.0 Risk Management The use of angle grinders, in particular for cutting purposes, should be specifically

Office for Product Safety Standards

2021-6-30 · Safety & Standards . Angle Grinder Chainsaw Discs and Attachments . OPSS Risk Summary The products . OPSS has been made aware of certain businesses marketing chainsaw discs and chainsaw attachments for use with angle grinders . These discs and attachments are generally marketed as being suitable for wood, plastics and soft materials for

Safe Angle Grinding Guidance Note

2017-6-23 · Angle Grinding Guidance Note (21 Oct 13) PAGE 14 Safe Grinding Guide Moving and rotating machinery Appendix I Safe Grinding Tool Box Talk Example . Safe Use of Angle Grinders (cont.) Wheel Safety: Cutting wheels or discs should not be used for grinding jobs, and grinding wheels should not be used for cutting jobs.

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2021-12-14 · A risk assessment to identify alternative methods and tools should be carried out prior to selecting a 9 inch (230 mm) angle grinder. Risk control measures. consider whether an angle grinder is actually the best tool to perform the task, because another tool may be just as, or even more, effective; when purchasing a grinder, choose one with ...

Safety alert: angle grinder attachment could cause serious ...

2021-7-2 · This Safety Alert is the result of a risk assessment carried out by OPSS following two previous risk alerts published by the Office in February, based on information from local regulators. The OPSS is working with local authority Trading Standards departments to identify and take appropriate action against these chainsaw attachments.


2018-3-5 · • Rated speed of grinder verses rated speed of grinding disc. • Amputations and possible fatalities. OHS Act: Section 8[1] & GSR 9 5 5 4 1 3 5 325 ÷ 500 x 100 = 65% B All angle grinders'' and surface cutting machines must be identified for use on site. All angle grinders and surface cutting machines

Health and Safety CN Scabbling or grinding

2019-12-5 · 3 A good standard of control is needed because the risk to health is high. Before starting 3 Before starting work consider: n Can you specify architectural finishes that ... scabbling or grinding. 3 Ask your safety clothing supplier if you need advice on selecting suitable protective equipment. 3 Provide other relevant PPE (eg eye and hearing ...

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Downloads by Risk Safety Services. We have a wide range of templates, which are professionally drafted, clearly written and easy for you to edit. Create your own tailor-made documents to suit your requirements. We include risk assessment forms, …


2020-3-27 · Conduct a risk assessment > Consider the work environment, including the safety of other workers in the immediate area and any flammable sources which may be ignited by sparks from the grinder. > Wear appropriate hearing protection, safety glasses or a face shield when cutting or grinding. > Wear flame resistant clothing for hot work.

Plant and equipment risk assessment

2021-6-1 · Organisational Safety and Wellbeing. Reviewed July 2018 V3. Uncontrolled when printed. Page . 7. of 8. ... including all large and small angle grinders, are substituted or replaced with less hazardous alternatives. ... Plant and equipment risk assessment - Angle grinder Keywords: DETE, Education Queensland Last modified by:


2021-7-20 · GRINDER – 4 INCH SAFETY/RISK/HAZARD ASSESSMENT PLANT INFORMATION NHG Ref/Part No. Plant ID: 4INCHGRI1 Plant Name: Bosch 4 inch Grinder Potential Noise Level in Db: 90 –95db Required hearing protection class: 2 Operator Competency: Plant Licence Not Required It is the hirer''s responsibility to ensure that all operators are …


2019-9-4 · PROSAFE is a non-profit professional organisation for market surveillance authorities and officers from throughout the EEA. Its primary objective is to improve the safety of users of products and services in Europe. Joint Market Surveillance Actions coordinated by PROSAFE are co-funded by the European Union.


2011-7-22 · Use of Angle grinder Task / Job Component Hazard Persons at risk. Risk Rating L/M/H Controls / Precautions to Reduce Risk Residual Risk Rating. L/M/H Cutting of concrete/ stone/ Dust and electrical Operatives carrying out the work, operatives working nearby, other contractors, visitors, public. H Dust Extraction to be used at all times.

Dangers associated with angle grinders | NT WorkSafe

2020-11-4 · A risk assessment undertaken after the incident, determined the remaining bolts could be removed using spanners. This is the eighth serious laceration involving grinders reported to NT WorkSafe in 2020. A review of the incidents …

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SWMS Angle Grinder. $4500 +GST. Default - $45.00 AUD. Add to Cart. This pre-written Angle Grinder Safe Work Method Statement template provides the typical safety controls and possible hazards associated with using an angle grinder. …

Plant and equipment risk assessment

2020-10-12 · The Edge Fabrication Lab Plant/Equipment Risk Assessment State Library of Queensland . Records File #: 520_315_227. Authorised by: Daniel Flood ... If yes, state how student use of this plant/equipment will be managed (e.g. Workshop Safety Induction) ... Plant and equipment risk assessment - Cordless angle grinder Keywords: DETE, Education ...

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